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Field Mapping

Let’s put things right!

You’ve been working with GPS for years, but still haven’t reached the peak efficiency of your system? Or have you just started working with GPS and haven’t you got all of your farm land already digitally mapped out?

In either case Hadderingh Agro Support will provide you with the right solution. With the use of a fully equipped ATV, we are able to measure your fields with the highest level of accuracy and put everything right in an instant. Unnecessary AB lines are history and your field border acts as the reference for all your operations. By exporting all the information to different export methods, it’s possible to communicate with other brands of GPS systems. About Field Mapping


Wintex Agro attaches great importance to precision, reliability, security, user-friendlyness, and competitive pricing.

Wintex Soil Samplers available from Agro Support provide you with accurate soil samples for your precision crop management.

Our Wintex Agro products are built to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. 
- 100% automatic sampling
- Sample any kind of soil
- User-friendly operation
- Minimum maintenance required
- Sampling probe is easily replaced More about the Wintex products