The WINTEX 2000 is strong soil sampler for soil samples up to 60 cm. It has been developed on the basis of 15 years of experience in being a specialist in manufacturing soil samplers.

The WINTEX 2000 takes soil samples in any kind of soil, also sticky clay soil, hard, compact, dry and sandy soil. It works 100% automatic and can take soil samples from two different layers in just one operational step. The WINTEX 2000 has two programs. Program 1 takes soil samples from 0-60 cm. Program 2 takes soil samples from 0-30 cm and 30-60 cm at the same time. The depths can be adjusted infinitely variable.

The probe goes into the ground by means of a hydraulic hammer carrying out 2100 blows/min and pressure from the cylinder. The pressure can be adjusted according to the type of soil. The probe rotates when it has reached the desired depth and picks up soil. On its way up homogeneous samples from different layers are filled into two soil boxes with close accuracy. The soil can then be filled into bags or boxes by means of a funnel, ready to be sent to the laboratory. If the WINTEX 2000 meets obstacles or is interrupted during soil sampling and therefore only takes a half sample, the sample will be discarded through a funnel, and will not be filled into the soil boxes.

User-friendlyness, minimum maintenance, reliablility as well as taking high-quality samples quickly and effectively are characteristic for the WINTEX 2000, which can be mounted on all vehicles and trailers. 


  • Samples/hour: 15
  • Sticks/hour: 225
  • Sticks/sample: 14-16
  • Volumen/sample: 22 mm probe: 1,25 g/cm, 26 mm probe: 2,3 g/cm at a density 1:1
  • Diameter probe: 22 mm and 26 mm
  • Hydraulic system: Honda GX200, 5,5 hp
  • Hydraulic consumption: 16 l/min, 100 bar
  • Hydraulic tank: 7 litres
  • Electrical power: 12 V DC
  • Capacity battery: 14 Ah, 250 W
  • Net weight: 91,5 kg